Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why Take Bridal Pictures?

Bridal pictures are like test driving a car. You may love the way the car shines on the lot, but once you drive it, you hate it. That's what bridal pictures are for. Test drive your hair style, make sure the dress fits, see if you really like the veil or not, play with your make-up, etc. A great test run before the big day. You want to try and schedule your bridal pictures about a month out from your wedding (sometimes longer if your schedule is busy). This will allow you time to make any changes you need to in your wardrobe before hand without stressing out.

Remember, weddings should be FUN! You should be able to enjoy every single minute of your day (and people should be able to enjoy being around you.) Plan ahead, remember to prioritize and take some time for yourself on occassion. Bridal sessions are a great way to really get some jitters out of the way, have a photo shoot all about you and get to be a true princess for a day.

Bring along mom, maid of honor, close friends, siblings, whomever you like. They'll all be there with you on that big day, why not share this moment with them too. Plus, they'll learn how to bussle your dress (which we highly recommend), how to zip/tie/fit you into your dress properly (we've seen some doosies of ways to keep your dress on!).

Most of all - HAVE FUN ON THIS DAY!!!!