Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My daughters favorite things...

I think the second best thing I've ever done in my life (second to marrying my husband) is being a mom. She's almost four now - which is totally hard to believe - and I swear, she makes me laugh every single day! Her little personality is so witty and quick, I'm amazed at her some times.

At this point in time her most favorite things are "HOT pink" - everything has to be HOT pink. Clothes, cars, toys, sometimes food...she's in the process of wanting to repaint her room her favorite color. However after painting that room too many times to count now, neither Shawn nor I are up for that challenge. It does scare me though thinking at four she's ready to redecorate - what's in store in the next 10 years?!?! She's also a strangely huge fan of the Food Network, or as she calls it, the 'yummy show'. Paula Dean and Rachel Ray are who two most favorite cooks. She can sit mezmorized for hours watching those two on TV. I've never seen a child do that. And because she has this inate love of cooking, she loves to help mom in the kitchen. I let her have a little ley way and have a bigger hand in things that I probably should at times, creating more work when it comes to clean up that I'd like, but if she has a passion for it, why not?

Currently she feels that mom needs to be in the market for a new 'hot pink' car. We play a great car game as we drive down the road - "yellow car" is the name of the game, but really we seek out yellow, orange and especially pink cars.

Oh - and her favorite singers - Fergie! What 3 1/2 year old can quote lines from "Fergalicious"??? Seriously?

These are all things that make me laugh and roll each day - she comes up with the wildest things to say and do. It's made Shawn and I realize she watches EVERYTHING and soaks it all in like a sponge. Being her mother is absolutely amazing!