Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bring It - Senior Session Tips

We always hear 'what should I bring' or 'what should I wear' when we book our senior clients. Well, here's a quick run-down of things you need to keep in mind when you plan your session.

  • Why do you want your senior pictures to say about you? Something, fun, witty, 'parentally approved' sexy, stylish, classic?? The possibilities are endless. Remember, in 20 years, you're going to look at these pictures with your own kids, what do you want THEM to say about you?
  • Bring lots of looks! We allot about 2 hours for our senior sessions. The more outfits you bring along with you, the more proofs you're going to see and more choices you'll have. Don't just bring a couple of shirts and a pair of jeans. Shake it up a bit. Every wear a baseball cap? Bring it. Wear sunglasses? Bring 'em. Have a favorite outfit or prom dress? Bring it! Even if you layer our shirts, you're able to maximize your look with a simple wardrobe change.
  • Hair and make-up. Girls, you'll want to wear your make-up a tad heavier than normal. Bring along extra powder, a brush and mascara. Wearing more mascara than normal will really bring out your eyes and allow them to 'POP'. Guys, be sure to shave the morning before your session. Don't try new hairstyles right before. Be sure you cover up tan lines - they WILL show. Avoid tanning or sunburning right before your sessions.
  • Girls - don't be afraid to pull your hair back during your session. Gives you an entirely different look on things.
  • Clothing: choose something classic (parents will love), bring something fun and trendy (all about you), be adventurous (bring a prom dress), bring hats, caps, sunglasses, letterjackets, baseball gloves/bat/ball etc. Bring your iPod and cell phone with you! Try to stick with solid colors (Plaids are really the worse thing to wear). Prints can sometimes take away from your images. If you have writing on your shirt, make sure it's something clean and simple.
  • Ironing. I HATE ironing almost as much as I hate doing dishes, but it is a necessary evil from time to time. You'll want to make sure everything's nice and pressed before your session. Wrinkles will show and we can't do much about that.
  • If you want 'glamorous' pix - bring that type of clothing!
  • Oh - don't forget to bring along jewelry, rings, necklaces, changes of shoes, etc.!!!

You've waited a long time for your regin on top! Make the most of it and have fun with these pictures. These aren't the 'mom makes you' type pictures - prepared to laugh, joke, and overall, have a lot of fun!