Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I've been on a role today! Whew! While we're working out the last details of the new site, I felt compelled to add SOMETHING of relevance to the site, added a blog today. Making it a new priority to update at least once a week after today (initial launch day). The mission of our blog will be to stay in touch with our clients, future and prospective clients and give you an insight to our creative eye. Plus, by reading this, you'll be able to take advantage of some specials we'll advertise only here. Throughout the rest of today, we'll add some more of our summer and spring weddings and give you an update as to what's in store for our company over the next few weeks. You'll also get some of the DL (down low) on what makes great sessions, tips for choosing your outfits and more by reading here. Just look over to the right under categories to narrow down your search!

We've tried to really cut back on our photography and have chosen to only specialize in two main areas that we truely love. Weddings and seniors. If you're in the market for family, children or event portraits, we're happy to refere you to some other great photogs in the area that really excell at this aspect of photography. We've found that cutting back has allowed us to really focus more attention to every single client, spend more time processing images from weddings and senior sessions and actually has let us have a family life now! (Super important).

Orders - we try to place one large order a week to our lab. This not only saves us money, but we're able to save you money too because we can work in quantity discounts. Usually, depending on work loads and sports schedules (since Shawn's a high school coach of 3 sports) we try to get things done on Wednesday. That's not always the rule, but certainly our goal.

Weddings - with the new revamp (and actually this one has been in place for a few months) we limit our weddings each month. No more than 3 a month and we will do no more than 25 each year. It's all on a first-come, first-serve basis. A standard, nonrefundable deposit of $250 is required to hold your date. We will then not open that date up again for anyone else. It's ONLY your day!!