Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Waiting and Anticipating...

Waiting, anticipation, anxious...all words that totally express how I'm feeling about the new website debut. I'm like a kid just days before Christmas seeing lots of pretty packages under the tree but not allowed to open them up quite yet. I'm never good at waiting once I've bought a new toy/clothes/shoes, etc - gotta try it out immediately! The new website - with new domain name, logo, galleries and more are a few more days away - I hope everyone likes the new sites (hint, hint) and can easily manuver around everything. The waiting is killing me though!

Please make a note that not only will our website change: www.bwdphotography.com, but so will our contact email: info@bwdphotography.com Make sure you change everything on your computer!! We will cancel the .net website in a few months (after we make sure everyone has made the correct changes.)

These changes are coming after months of debate, decision making, choices and an overall need for a complete redesign/revamp/update of everything we do. (And well, we find people have a hard time spelling 'barbed' correctly) We're hoping that this new overhaul process will make things speedier and easier for both us and our patiently waiting clients.

We appreciate your business and friendships over the last few years!