Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Macie's Bridals

Macie, not only a fashion designer of coture wedding gowns, but also my very most favorite 'baby' cousin's new wife had me shoot some bridal pix for her. The day didn't go exactly like we'd had hoped (the dress wasn't finished was the BIG issue of the day), but after some convincing she was a trooper and we got some great pix anyway. We took off to the state capitol for some images and shot for about an hour. She's a great model and I'm happy she found such a great hubby (even if I'm a little bias).

We had to do a little camo in the photos to hide the areas of the dress that weren't quite 100% to her standards, but after the initial tears of the day, we were good to go. She was a trooper all things considered.