Monday, April 14, 2008

Maggie's senior session

Yesterday I photographed Maggie's senior pictures. Maggie was referred to us by another one of our former clients and a classmate of Maggie's, Chloe. Maggie's a bright and spirited young lady and an accomplished athlete. As we photographed and battled the wind and cold we visited about her signing to play college basketball and her dreams to pursue a future as possibly an sports phsycologist. I know whatever road she goes down, she'll do a great job. She's was named to the Oklahoma All-State in Basketball this year and I know what an accomplishment that is.
Maggie was the last session of the day of a marathon afternoon of sessions - but certainly worth the wait! She wanted waterfalls, but with all of the rain last week, we were only able to get rushing water rather than a gentle cascade of waterfalls. She was so good natured about everything - even braving the cold water and wearing cute summer dresses in I'm sure about 55 degree weather! These are just a few of our favorites....

I loved this picture only because it shows how much fun we can have during a session - just being silly and waiting to capture just the right moment.

Have fun at prom this weekend!! Be careful and soak up every single moment of your senior year!