Wednesday, April 30, 2008

JC & Deedee

This past weekend, my little brother JC and his wife Deedee ran in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. Deedee was kind enough to send me this picture last night of the two of them after they completed their race.

I was so proud of them - JC called me Sunday afternoon once they'd finished and said that he'd ran 10.7 miles and Deedee and ran 6.2 miles. JC mentioned that it was such an exhillerating experience because he could watch people running with pictures of loved ones they lost in the Murrah bombing in 1995.

I remember exactly where I was at 9a.m on April 19, 1995 - I was in my dorm room at OSU and I felt the blast. I was oblivous to what had happened until my friend Nancy called me and raced to my room to watch coverage on my TV.

Deedee said in her email last night that the two of them didn't train much this year for the marathon and they both fully expected to walk more than they ran, but it was the sheer power of people cheering them on that really kept their momentum going.

"I didn't suddenly became a great runner on Sunday, it was just harder to quit running when people are cheering you on and you know the person next to you is running as hard as they can. I think it is the same in our walk with God; when we have people walking with us and encouraging us, it makes trials and temptations a little easier to get through." - a quote from my sister in law, Deedee.

I'm so proud of both of them for being part of something so monumental. This is the second year they've participated in the marathon. I love them both very much!!