Monday, April 14, 2008

Dena & Aaron

Their's is a love story for the ages...they met in high school and were high school sweethearts. And as life sometimes go, high school sweethearts break up and go their separate ways...only to have their hearts lead them back together again - even several year's later. Their love is now stronger than it was years ago - they have a special understanding of each other that comes with maturity and time. You can see Aaron's very protective, loving nature when he hold's Dena close and looks into her eyes. Dena seemed to melt inside his embraces so much that it could just make your heart melt!

Aaron and Dena will be married in May - an outdoor wedding at her mother's home. They're already working together on blending their new family together and making the transition an easy one for Dena's three children.

You can just see the love in their eyes and as a photographer - there's nothing you love more than being able to let a couple just be themselves - be romantic, relaxed and happy in each others arms. They make a job as a photographer easy.
We look forward to photographing your wedding next month! Here are just a few favorites from yesterday's session.