Monday, September 24, 2007

Yeah...TV premier week!!!

Finally! There is an end to mindless re-runs and (in my opinion) stupid reality-based game shows!!! At least for a few weeks. Network TV has their big premier week this week and while catching a few moments of TV time (at least during an entire show) are few and far between in our crazy house - I can say that I'm looking forward to this week - especially Thursdays where dinner will be ready early, no 'real' work will be done and phones will go unanswered pretty much from 7-10p.m. The rest of the week, I'll multi-task and try to catch moment of such shows as "How I Met Your Mother" - on tonight by the way - not a top favorite, but when there's nothing else, makes for good background noise.

I think tonights episode has Mandy Moore and some other famous person - I'm thinking Enrique...could be wrong on that one - see already multi-tasking and only getting 1/2 of things!

Of course always favorite - and my husband will attest to this - I can watch reruns of any version of Law & Order multiple times - unless I just saw it the day before of course... the SVU season premier is tomorrow night at 9, hoping Kallie will be tucked nicely in bed asleep by that time. Hoping - doubtful, but hopeful at least. Shawn will probably be on his way home from the last regular season softball game - WHOO HOO!!!! Go Ike! (Sorry to my brother and sister-in-law who teach at Altus)....

Wednesday I'm afraid will pretty much be a 'work night' as far as I can tell - can't find just anything in the line up that's a 'must watch' which is probably a good thing since my 'to do' list is now over two pages long!!! (And yet here I am procrastinating here - but with good reason - forgot the power supply cord to the laptop today so that made it hard to multi-task on multiple computers).


I'd say all the women in my family are addicted to Grey! How could you not be. I have to admit that I traded in ER when it just started getting strange and none of the original cast that I fell in love with years ago are there anymore...I even will watch 'Ugly Betty' which I have to say Shawn has started to like, after much protesting - the ABC Thursday line up has my attention.

That pretty much wraps it up for actual 'watching' TV around our house. Friday - Sunday's are spent on weddings and senior sessions and trying to get a little ahead of the game. Laundry is a bigger priority typically - except for this weekend where I think we went NON STOP! I think I was so tired when I finally went to bed last night that Shawn told me this morning he caught me sleep walking! Now that means I'm tired!

As far as that - that's about all the TV we'll 'actually' watch unless Sponge Bob or Rachel Ray are on. Kallie and I did get addicted over the summer to watching 'Ace of Cakes' on the Food Network with Duff - the 'cake show' as Kallie calls it on the 'yummy channel' - can't beat a deal like that! I'm mezmorized at the talent that group has - wow! They inspire me least WANT to decorate a cake, but I certainly know my limits when I see them! I'll just be content to take photographs of such tasty marvels!

Just as a reminder though - we typically don't answer our business phone after 5 p.m. - leave us a message and we'll call you back the next day. We have to make sure that we make enough time for our family, which again, is our biggest priority 100% of the time. Right now however, our schedule has been CRAZY busy - not sure how or even when that happened, but we've been pulled out away from the phone and emails at strange and long times here the last week - if you've left us an email or phone message, we promise you're on our list, but the human person can only multi-task so much without completely losing it. Like I mentioned, my immediate 'to do' list is now over 2 pages in length and many of those items have 'sub items' listed in them.