Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My baby time flys

This weekend, my baby girl is turning four!!! I can hardly believe it! I surely doesn't seem like nearly four years ago when I had gone to a baby shower - not expecting her to arrive for over three more weeks - when I got a little nervous because she didn't move. I will always remember how I didn't want to scare Shawn and called in sick to work so that I could ease my mind and go see the doctor. I remember how Dr. Monty didn't want to alarm me, but recommend I get to the hospital. I drove myself to Southwestern. Waited about an hour when I heard the nurse outside my room discuss induction. I knew then...she was coming! I called Shawn at school - just hours before he was supposed to leave for Altus for a softball game. Told him he might want to find someone else to coach third base. He did. Of course neither of us knew that it would be another nearly 20 hours before Kallie finally made her debut. After an emergency C-section and hours of painful labor - she showed up at 6:14 a.m. And life has never been the same! And I couldn't imagine it any different and would never want to!! Now we prepare for her Little Mermaid this weekend...four years old - going on at least fourteen!!

Taken this past weekend after she found some of the decorations for her birthday party on the 9th. Hanging from the kitchen table almost a week now!!

Her first car....not thinking she'll accept this in about 12 years....

Her first four-wheeler ride at her Neenee's and Pop's.

She and her daddy still fight over 'ice cones' and slurpees!

She ate these flowers after about the second picture

She got her first 'big girl' bed!!! (Never slept in it - still sneaks into our bed in the middle of the night!)

EJHS had a shower for us a few weeks after we brought her home!!