Friday, February 29, 2008

With heart...

Wednesday I took a huge cake to my husband's basketball team to celebrate their accomplishements this year and to get them all pumped up for last night's game. I gathered the girls together and told them that typically Shawn does something really nice for me for my birthday, but since my birthday was yesterday (Thursday) he wasn't going to get to do something because I had to share him with all of them. I did tell the girls though that the very best birthday present they could help him give me was a win in the Area semi-finals. We had cake and celebrated my (cough) 30-something birthday a day early.

Last night - I have to hand it to my husband, his coaching staff, and his girls. We played the late game in Edmond last night (and yes, 8:00 p.m. is LATE for me). I have never watched his girls play with more heart, more dedication and more effort. At half time, we were up and I felt good about the game. I yelled and cheered so much, I'm still hoarse today! It was a magical time to watch these girls - many of which I've watched since they were in 7th grade work so hard for a goal that many of them set for themselves back this fall. The girls came back from half time and didn't have a real good 3rd quarter - but they rallied hard none the less. Fourth quarter, we regained our lead and held it up until about the last minute and a half. Then a few bad turn overs, Choctaw got the ball and made some key free throws - sending them point by point ahead as the seconds ticked down. With just point something seconds left on the clock, the final blow was delivered with yet another made set of free throws solidifying the end of our girls' season this year.

It was a heartbreaking loss - made even more so by the fact that I've hardly ever - and I mean EVER - seen my husband get tears in his eyes over a ballgame - but last night he did. As did most of the girls. They all tried so hard and did such an amazing job all year long and last night was no exception. I'm so proud of all the girls!

So to the seniors - Ariella, Jazzy, Alex, Jacqueline and manager Brandi - you've had a great four years of high school basketball. Some of our seniors have all had many phone calls from college recruiters and Shawn and I are so excited at the prospect of continuing to watch them grow as young women and athletes and traveling to whatever college they select to see them play. To all of our other girls - Tiffany, Brittany, Tita, Kierston, Erica, Bridgette, Shayla, Cydni, Znobia, Bridgette H. - we are all so very proud of you!!

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present yesterday than to watch you all play with the heart you did last night! I wish there had been a win at the end of the night - but I'll take heart over a win every single day of the week. I'm so proud of all of you!!