Friday, February 8, 2008

The waiting game....

I'm such a little kid when it comes to waiting on new 'toys' - but today is especially bad....I up and decided on Tuesday it was time for a new car. I've always driven Fords and I have to brag so much on Billingsley Ford in Lawton. They've always been AWESOME when it comes to taking care of me during and after a sale. I'm proud to call many of their sales team actual friends!

Sadly this week, I stumbled across a Nissan that I love - took it for a spin the other night and fell in love even more. I started calling around the state - price shopping of course - before I took a big drive to the city. (spent several hours on the phone over the last few days) Low and behold - I discovered Billingsley owns a Nissan dealership in Ardmore. Still being cheap and not wanting to spend the gas money until I had to - I called them, explained to Travis the salesman who was helping me over the phone I had been a long time Billingsley Ford customer. Made a call to sales manager at the Ford place in Lawton who is a terrific guy - and just as a testament to how wonderful this 'family' of dealerships is - he called the Nissan place and told them what type of treatment I was accustomed to and that they should give me all the same courtesies and deals as if I were buying a Billingsley Ford..... and they did.

So here today, I am waiting on a car that I haven't actually seen or driven. I've driven a similar model w/ all the same features - just not THE car. Billingsley Nissan is equally as wonderful as their Ford couterpart and are going the extra mile to even DELIVER the car to me from Ardmore - saving me a drive from Lawton to their place over the weekend or the next few weeks when I have a spare few hours.

Great personal service, a terrific deal that I was able to obtain even without my dad's help, personal delivery to my front door and not even a hagle over a price - you can't ask for anything better! I simply told the salesman my very bottom dollar and that I wouldn't budge from that number - they came in $200 less than my budget - far from what the 'big guys' in OKC could do for me. If you're in the market for a Ford, Hydai, Nissan or any of the other models the Billingsley clan sells - give them a call first.....they'll treat you better that most family members might!

But now I'm counting down the minutes until my new car arrives....should be just any minute now.....I'm so excited!