Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2008 Wedding Trends...What's Hot!!

Many brides are looking for a way to incorporate stylish trends into their big day. Brides want something fun, fresh, up-to-date, creative and of course, romantic. As many couples will become engaged over the holiday season, here are a few tips and tricks for brides-to-be in 2008!

Yellow is one of the hottest colors for 2008. You can find shades of yellow from the red carpet to the run way's of Paris. This color is great for weddings and exudes a fresh, energetic and summery feel to the day. Incorporating the shades of canary and lemon into your flowers, bridesmaids dresses, invitations, napkins and more can give your day a great feeling.

Other colors in silver's and metallics are taking the place of standard black. Your bridesmaids dresses can carry these tones or even incorporate them into your bouquet!

Bold colors, used sparingly of course, are still very hot. Fashion magazines are reporting that rich purples are the new black for next year. You'll see lots of shades of eggplant in many fashion styles beyond the church! WARNING: You will want to avoid a shiney, satin bridesmaid dress in this color - she'll probably never wear the dress again and probably give you a hard time for it for years to come.

Great color combos:
* Aqua & Chartuse - cool, clean and relaxing are what these colors invoke.
* Blush & Mauve - similar colors along the same color pallet can incorporate your favorite colors while giving a traditional, old world touch.
* Brown & Lavendar - earthy browns added with organic textures can easily be accessorized using a soft lavendar with a simple, distinct style.
* Orange & Red - the color combo, when done properly gives an Asian inspired color palate to your big day. Deep colors are set off with golds and silvers.
* Lemon & Celedon Green - this color duo adds a garden party feel and flair. Terrific for spring or outdoor affairs. Using the butter yellow colors, you can keep your day clean and simple.

Okay, not the color per sey, but rather the politically correct, enviro friendly type green. Global warming and climate change are making headlines and brides are even getting in on the cause - creating a wedding day that's eco friendly. Consider using organic flowers, recycle paper invitations and local, organic foods for your catering. We all share the planet so here's your chance to do your part!

When you're selecting your invitation style, take a walk outside to find inspiration. Earthy, natural tones are a great way to add a style, chic touch to your invitation. Textures like natural twine or floral die cuts add a special touch and can even be done yourself!

Want to keep stress levels to a minimum on your big day, try incorporating herbs into your bouquets. The colors of the natural herbs can set off your bouquet in unbelieveable ways plus, you get the added benefit of great fragrance as you're walking down the isle.
Chives = good fortune
Sage = long life & domestic bliss
Mint = Wisdom
Thyme = Courage

Peacock feathers add a huge style statement. With the natural tones of emerald greens, turquoise and blues, the feathers look great in centerpieces and bouquets that add drama and style to your day.

Whatever theme or style you choose, carry it throughout your day - from invitations, napkins, centerpieces and more!

Homemade favors aren't new but the presentation can be! Shake it up a bit and provide small chinese take-out boxes available online and in a variety of colors and create a 'goody bar' for guests. Fill clear jars with lids with things like flavored popcorn and other candy treats. Guests can fill up their little take out box with their favorites and they walk away remembering your big day for years to come!