Thursday, October 18, 2007

'Tis the Season...

For car burglers! This morning while rushing around, my husband went out to start his truck and take off for a coaching conference today...he came back in and calmly stated he thought someone had been in his truck...he wasn't sure though....sure enough, I walked out there and we found the glove compartment wide open, it's contents strewn about the front seat - his ashtray was broken and loose change in the floorboard. He commented the spare dollar bills he keeps in there were gone (he saves those for icees when he picks up our daughter from school) - even a lot of the quarters were gone! He then noticed his iPod he left in the truck was gone along with the car cord so he can listen to it in the car was missing...all in all, we're so very lucky!

No windows were broken, no tires slashed, just took the iPod and left the radar dector and a few other valuables he keeps in there. I feel most fortunate because the garage door opener was right above where these creep(s) were digging in the car - inches away from our home, seconds away from being able to get inside our garage and thus into our home. I told Shawn we can replace iPods and vehicles, but we can't replace US!!! The invasion didn't bother me that much until I got to thinking about that. It sent a shiver down my spine - here while we slept safe and sound inside our home, some jerk was outside violating our personal property! I'm sure it was some kid out on Fall Break looking to score stuff quick and easy, but that doesn't put my mind at ease at all. We leave all of our doors locked, but you just never know about society any more. of this morning, we have reactivated the security system that came with our house when we moved in (just never activated the monitoring service) and a company in town is installing alarms in both of our cars. We alerted all of our neighbors to the theft so we can take turns looking out for one another more closely - like we typically do this if someone has to be gone. We live in a great neighborhood with terrific neighbors and you never expect this. I've had my car broken into twice in the last year - never at the house however. I've had my purse, credit cards, laptop computer and more stolen out of my car where they've busted out the car windows that cost a small fortune to replace and we've just had it with such dishonest, distrustful, disrespectful people!! It just really sucks when someone - anyone - works really hard to provide things for their families, sacrifice a few things here and there and then some worthless person comes in and does stuff like this! the holiday season approaches - and throughout the year - keep all of your belongings OUT of your car - always take personal items like your purse, check books, iPods, computers, PDA's, cell phones, etc. out of the car each night. Keep your doors locked on the cars and on your home. No neighborhood is safe anymore! Not really, super secure! Never leave the keys in the ignition. Thieves are always watching for a way to rob you of your hard earned valuables and they'll jump in an instant! It's just a really sad tribute to our society today. I remember my parents being able to leave the cars unlocked and keys in the ignition in the front drive growing up - even leaving the front door unlocked from time to time. It was so much safer and peaceful years ago!