Monday, October 8, 2007

Melody & Seth

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to photography Melody and Seth's wedding. Held at the beautiful Wichita Mountain Lodge, this outdoor wedding was fabulous. The perfect day, the perfect amount of October breeze - everything was wonderful! The chairs and sound for the outdoor ceremony were provided by Journey Productions, flowers & decore were brought in from the Dallas area and the reception was held at the Medicine Park Music Hall. It was a wonderful afternoon! If you're ever in the market for real estate - Melody can hook you up! Seth is one of our proud military men and will soon be sent overseas! Best of luck to both of you and hope you have a great time in Vegas! Here are just a few of our favorites from Saturday!

You couldn't ask for two more sexier people! Wow!

Just a reminder that children aren't always as excited as you are about your wedding day. Be prepared for everything!!

The mother of the bride stops for a photo with friend, Donna just before she walked down the isle!

Is there any doubt why this beautiful gal was Miss Amarillo??? And she's just as gorgeous on the inside too!!

Mel and her new hubby are both Sunday school teachers too!

Bridesmaid and friend (and of course talented photographer in her own right) Jesse Dean, (second from the left) kept everyone hooping and hollering all night adding her own special blend of contagious spirit! I love her!