Monday, March 31, 2008

Honoring Destry

I graduated from Rush Springs High School many moons ago and had the opportunity to get to know Destry Horton and his wife Brandy. Destry was a year ahead of me in school and Brandy was a couple of year's behind me. They were both incredible people and while I don't keep up much with people from Rush since I graduated and moved away, when I learned about Destry's accident 2 years ago, I was heartbroken. He was a firefighter. He lost his life trying to save the lives and property of others - what an incredible gift he gave for people he didn't necessarily know. I couldn't imagine losing my husband and trying to raise two daughters without him. Brandy is truly a courageous and strong sprited young woman. What a life milestone she has had to cross even before her 30th birthday.

This morning on the news, I heard where his widow Brandy was spearheading a fundraising effort to update the ICU ward at the Integris Burn Unit in Oklahoma City. Unfortunately hundreds of families have to use this unit each year and the 23 days Destry spent there sparked the idea for Brandy and her family. The family has to raise $500,000 and then a matching amount will be made by an outside foundation. The ICU ward will then be renamed in Destry's honor. What an honor and long-standing memorial for such a fine man and firefighter.

If you would like to help the Horton family in their efforts - the address and phone numbers on where to send your donation are mentioned below. I know the family would be greatful for any donation of any size.

It only takes a little to make a big impact in the world.

How to help Send donations:
•By mail: Integris Baptist Medical Center Foundation: 3030 Northwest Expressway Suite 1600 Oklahoma City, OK 73112
•By phone: 951-5005 or (888) 567-3433