Thursday, December 13, 2007


I'm just nearly beside myself today - I've been searching ebay for a vintage Barbie cottage and today, I finally found and bought one!!! I had the exact same thing when I was a little girl - got it for Christmas when I was 6!!! It was one of the most memorable holiday's I can remember as child. This Christmas, Kallie will get the same thing at nearly the same age. This isn't from Santa of course, but from mom and dad.

Kallie, is named after my very best friend, Sue Ann - Kallie Suanne. Sue Ann passed away the year before Kallie was born, but I always knew growing up that I'd name my daughter after her. In addition to heart problems, she also had a disease called Freedrick's Attaxia that left her confined to a wheelchair later in life. She wasn't supposed to live past 16, but beat the odds and lived to be 25 with her firey red-headed, stubborn, loving spirit. The two of use each LOVED Barbie stuff more than life itself and I had this very cottage until I was over 16 and handed it down to two little girls I used to babysit. Sue Ann's mom still has her Barbie house that her neice's get to play with now.

I tell Kal about her Aunt Sue Ann all the time and want her to know her and help me keep her memory alive and Kallie is such a girly girl that I knew she'd love something like this as much as I did as a kid. Luckily she can't read yet so she won't know she's getting this....but her daddy shared in my excitement and bought her some brand new furniture to go in her vintage cottage!!

It's like that Christmas when I was 6 all over again!! I think I'm probably more excited than she will be - well, until she see's it at least. Christmas is really the best time to have children and you get to watch their little faces just light up with such excitment and pure joy!! I just can't hardly wait for it to arrive here and I get to give it to her!!! I just had to share today!!