Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pet Peeves...

Okay, so I spend a lot of time on the road each day. And every day I'm both amazed and irritated at things I see drivers do. For instance...
1. Driving on a busy two-lane road, too much traffic to pass, yet the person in front of me drives at LEAST 15 miles UNDER the speed limit! Why?
2. People driving without their seatbelts on. Now I'm a mom and see things from a slightly different perspective perhaps, but - how hard is it? This past spring my husband lost one of his ball players to a car wreck - now if she'd been wearing her seatbelt, it would have at least kept her inside the car and probably would have saved her life! 3 seconds - saves a lifetime of pain for your family members. If I ever have to attend another funeral like that in my lifetime, it will be too soon!
3. Yesterday I encountered a person hauling a trailer, I planned on passing them when the road briefly widened to a 4 lane, but this kind person was wonderful enough to drive down the MIDDLE of both of our lanes, preventing me from passing him - completely unaware that he was both taking up two lanes of traffic and that anyone was behind him! Very kind.
4. People who stop in the middle of the road/stoplights to 'visit' with someone in another car. I mean if no one was around, okay, probably no harm I suppose, but when you're in the middle of one of the busiest streets in town and want to chit chat at the stoplight - seriously - there are others of us behind you that might actually want to make it through the green light!!
5. Okay, my last rant - people who 'create' their own stop signs. Now I'm sure their intentions are good. But...There are several 2-way stops in town, for instance, the north/southbound traffic each have stop signs, however the east/west bound lanes do not. Yesterday I waited for what seemed like an eternity, waving another car on, because they seemed to think they had a stop sign as well. People like this always make me leery - not sure if they're just faking the stop and will suddenly gun the accelerator once I proceed through the stop sign.
6. Well, one more - and I say this mainly for my husbands sake - honking! I think honking in traffic should be reserved for when you REALLY need it! Not just because you don't particularly care for someone's driving (unless they were about to hit you and you need to get their attention). But just random honking, for fun. My husband will do this and it annoys me to no end, which probably explains why he does it so often...that and sit in the driveway and honk to let me know a) he's home or more often, b) he needs help bringing stuff in from outside. (And often times, he's already called me before he gets home anyway so I know he's coming.) Men...gotta love 'em!